The arrival of the Internet transformed the global economic and informational landscape and led to the emergence of Google, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Youtube, Booking and others. Investors earned hundreds of billions of dollars from the growth of the shares of these companies.

Decentralized projects using blockchain technology are the next stage in the development of the worldwide network. They can solve many of the typical problems associated with classic centralized services: resistance to one-sided rule change, transaction accuracy, control of personal data, and user consensus.

Today there are hundreds of projects using blockchain technology, some of which will occupy a significant place in the global market in the coming years and become new to Microsoft, Apple and Google. We identify such projects in the early stages of development and invest in them.

What problems does our foundation solve?

Our tools

Investment strategy

We divide the market into sectors, identify the potential leaders in each one and invest in them.
When forming a portfolio, the methodology of fundamental analysis is used and the balance is maintained between reliable and high-risk assets.



Development sectors

History of our foundation

The history of the fund began in the summer of 2016, when we created a small closed community dedicated to investing in cryptocurrency. At that time, as private investors we had problems obtaining allocations to promising projects. The creation of joint pools and direct negotiations on the participation of preliminary sales with representatives of startups of interest to us was the logical starting point, and is characteristic of the fund.

Gradually, our community developed. We started performing in-depth studies of projects, paying attention to the team’s track record, and to who would bring the projects to the stock exchange. Software was developed for pool automation, in addition to our own automated systems for tracking exchanges and the market as a whole.

The strengths of each team member helped to distribute the work of analyzing a huge number of projects on the market in order to select the best ones.

Board of Directors